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Committed to providing engineering expertise, innovative design solutions, quality manufacturing and excellent support service.

As the sole agent in Indonesia and stockist for the supply of Fantech Fans,
we have a wealth expertise and knowledge, dedicated to understanding your particular needs. Since the launch of the company Fantech has been at the forefont of fan technology by developing and implementing new and innovative solutions for virtually every air movement and ventilation need. Our extensive resources and design expertise enable us to provide solutions for ventilation requirement in fume and dust control, process machinery, transport, marine ventilation as well as purposed designed applications.

We offer a board range of fans products :
    - Adjustable axial fans
    - Centrifugal fans
    - Industrial roof ventilators
    - Marine fans
    - Tunnel fans

"Our technical  excellence in fan design, engineering and innovation, ensures spesific knowledge for specialist applications, down to the smallest detail"


Railway Rolling Stock and Mass Transit Systems

With ever changing environmental, mechanical and performance requirements for railway rolling stock and mass transit systems, Elta Fans design and build capabilities have provided standard or customised product solutions to the traction market for more than 25 years. Elta satisfy a range of traction applications, including diesel engine jacket and charge air cooling (DMU), electrical drive system cooling (EMU), brake resitor cooling, saloon, restaurant and cab ventilation climate control and engine radiator cooling.

Marine, Defence and Offshore Platforms

Elta's expertise in the marine sector is reflected by applications that range from small leisure boat engine ventilation, to large oil production rigs and specialist naval defense applications. Offshore platform applications range from production and drilling areas to power generation and accommodation.

Agricultute and Food processing

Elta supply a wide range of axial, centrifugal and mixed flows fans for agricultural and food processing applications. Applications include plate and short cased fans for crop drying, to specialist fans designed for potato and onion drying, as well as fans for controlling the fruit ripening process, cold store re-circulation, livestock ventilation, fish freezing and general food processing. 

Smoke Extract

Elta are a major fan manufacturer for the deisgn and supply of emergency smoke spill exhaust systems which operate as part of the main extract systems, or dedicated fans for emergency smoke clearance.


Typical Applications

Commercial and industrial supply or exhaust air applications such as shopping centres, office buildings andcar parks, trough to industrial processes and equipment ventilation.


  • Standard casings are made of durable hot-dipped galvanished steel or pre-galvanished steel.
  • Casings with special coating such as epoxy paint can be supplied.
  • Compatible with diameter 315-2000mm
  • Can be supplied with motors to meet Ex e, Ex d, Ex nA and Ex tD Standards.
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