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The Expertise Behind Total Acoustics Responsibility

We have been at the forefront of noise control technology by developing and implementing new and innovative products for virtually every noise control. Working closely with NAP Silentflo, who specializes in the design and manufacturer of noise control products both of us have achieved its considerable reputation for solving noise control problems in both “end-user” and design situations.

NAP Silenflo has produced a wide range of products, such as :   

    - Modular type acoustics enclosures     
    - Duct silencer     
    - Acoustics mufflers  
    - Acoustics louvers   
    - Acoustics doors
    - Audiometric rooms and floating floors

All achieve outstanding performance in sound isolation, sound absorption, noise attenuation and vibration isolation.



NAP Rectangular silencers are used wherever it is necessary to control the passage of noise along an air path.

In industrial applications, specially designed and constructed rectangular silencers control noise from fans and blowers, cooling towers, dust extraction systems and similar air or gas handling equipment such as compressors and turbines.


  • No limit is placed on the available cross-section size of the silencers which may be as small as 275mm x 150mm, or of several meters in cross-section.
  • Very large duct silencers are made up from several smaller silencers to reduce the transport and handling difficulties. It is preferable for the width of a silencer to be a multiple of the module width.
Duct Silencer - Rectangular
Duct Silencer - Circular
Industrial Silencer - Devil Silencer
Industrial Silencer - Gas Turbine
Industrial Silencer - Resonator
Industrial Silencer - Vent
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